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Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

-Team Gurus

15 comments so far

  1. FieryShadow on

    the prev theme was way better
    try the black one
    called something like chaotic or something

  2. DarK on

    how’s this new theme ?
    change it if you don’t like it.. but remember to restore the widgets, black one has extremely low readability.

  3. evilution on

    this theme kinda sux :\

    purple :sick:

    btw can i request something on css/web design ? 🙂

  4. Ramnath R Iyer on

    I have to agree – the earlier theme was better. This one doesn’t have much contrast, so it doesn’t make a strong impression.

  5. jodhpuriguy on

    all those who want a wider page layout + two right side columns put a thumbsup here!

  6. Sumit on

    2 column layout looks pretty good imo..altho wider layout woud be better i spose..

  7. Ramnath R Iyer on

    wider layout => *thumbs up*
    two right side columns => *thumbs down*

    Please change the colors!

  8. Sumit on

    just to clarify: wasnt supporting the two side columns thng. like the current 2 layout better.

  9. Fr0z3n on

    Hey. This theme dosn’t displays the author of the post.

  10. FieryShadow on

    this theme is a strict no… the prev one was way better

  11. DarK on

    i think this one is cool 🙂
    although the post author is not displayed yet.
    and it also works for 800*600 ppl
    wordpress doesn’t have many good 2 column themes for a tech blog.

  12. d3m0n on

    Try these themes from
    hope it satisfies ur requirements.

  13. DarK on

    we cannot add new themes, need own servers to host wordpress for that.

  14. Anil Kishore on

    hi! How can we (apart from authors), post some nice puzzles here?
    It would be nice if we give us an oppurtunity as well ie., we will mail you our puzzle and you guys post in here ( of course with our name 😉 )..

  15. Sridevi on

    Needs color contrast, and some nice bright happy colors!

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