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  1. Sample Request on

    can you please give some info installing MPlayer, links to guide etc.

  2. Rishav on

    I am really curious about MAC OS X
    can u help me with its installation. there was a copy of the OS on dc and i have got it on a dvd . but i have no clue about how to install it.

  3. DarK on

    Rishav : i will need more info.. about your hardware, coz, Mac OS is now available on x86 platforms now.

  4. himalaya ka maharaja on

    guru ji mujhe satya ka gyan chahiye…please help!

  5. Sumit on


  6. camo on

    Need help with this hamachi software, can u give me the ip of ur hamachi server or whoever is hosting the hamachi server??? my ip is
    and hamachi ip is

    if there is any other info u need pls ask!!


    P.S : give me detailed information on hamachi via email 😛

    can u gimme ur phone no pl 🙂

  7. DarK on

    camo call me @ 9924986864
    btw hamachi down nowadays, not many people interested.

  8. opaque on

    My dorm has only allowed access to the internet through a proxy with port 3128. I would like to find out in more detail on how to run WoW behind the proxy such as using proxifier. Do I need to tunnel my connection such as using YourFreedom?

  9. kodanda ramudu on

    i have intel D945GCCR mother board and intel core 2 duo processor but my sytem is not supporting fedora linux in graphical mode what should i do?

  10. Sumit on

    a “how to” on setting up vlc etc on fedora/any linux distro for people who cant use “wget” and “yum install” directly [because of a proxy firewall etc, like our coll. :@] would be really helpful 🙂

    i get many dependency errors when i try installing the vlc rpm from the livna repo. and yum fails as it cant access the net/download required dependencies. 😦

  11. DarK on

    Sumit, you can define global variables to access thru http proxy. just set
    $http_proxy variable in console (use export $http_proxy)
    to something like this

    if you use gnome, then you can use (System -> Preferences -> Network Proxy) to set the proxies, it also gives option to put your username & password in the details menu.

    or you can add the $http_proxy in some startup script, then it will be set every time you login

  12. DarK on

    kodanda ramudu : i suggest wait for ubuntu(yes i shifted to ubuntu now), the new version is coming on 18th Oct, with many new updates (gnome 2.2, Compiz-fusion preinstalled),

    otherwize, have you installed the drivers?, that is the reason most of the times.

  13. dopedmonk on

    Dear dark,

    I appreciate the interest you have taken in my meager venture. Now I would like your help in figuring out how the hell do you create RSS feed.

    I am clueless. Please help.

  14. kupalinto on

    I am running Squid for windows for quite sometime now but there was a problem recently. Now the proxy keeps on asking the username and password every time I open a site, this is true for all browsers. What seems to be the problem. I am using Windows 2000 Server as my AD.


  15. Arjun on

    Hi gGurus,

    I would like to know how to get the skype history complete, if the users cleares the history.

    Our orginization users are doing something Wrong with our business.Since Skype is necessary for us we can not block the skype.


  16. aravind on

    how to find the running viruses in command prompt and kill them.

    thanks in advance,

  17. rueben on

    i want to know how to start off with java

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