Adding Social Bookmarking Tags had never been so easy!

I was already quite impressed by Live Writer. But to add to my excitement, I just found a great plugin for it to ease my blogging experience.

Previously we used to manually add Social Bookmarking tags in our blog posts, so that the user can share the posts on their favorite online bookmark sharing site. Since our blog is hosted on a free blogging site “”, modification of source code is not possible and we cannot add code which can auto generate these tags for every blog post.

Thanks to a plugin called “Insert Bookmarking Tags!” I will tell you how to add these tags on a free blogging service provider like “wordpress”, “blogger” etc. (all blogging services which Live Write supports)

Follow these steps.

1. Get Live Writer and configure your blog in it.

2. Get the plugin and rest of instruction from here.

3. To get More Live Writer plugins, just click on “+Add a Plugin…” in your right pane of Live Writer.

4. Happy Blogging!

To know how the inserted bookmaking tags will look, see the bottom of this post.

To other Authors of Gurus: I am inserting the following set of bookmarking sites in all my blogpost. You can choose a different set if you want.

  • digg
  • live
  • technocrati
  • yahoo

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  1. Prasoon on

    Just for a change , try out flock – u would be very happy after trying it.
    Check 🙂

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