TopCoder announced the 2008 TopCoder(R) Open – The Ultimate Competition

TopCoder has made an announcement about the 2008 TopCoder Open to be held once again in *Las Vegas* (Yes! Las Vegas and programming :P!!)

What more, the finalist pool has been increased to 120 competitors. (Looks like I will get the chance to go Vegas this time 😀 )

The 50% growth promises the toughest onsite competition in TopCoder history!

There’s going to be a TopCoder Masters Invitational also, which will have all of the previous onsite TCO finalists competing head-to-head. WOW! Thats going to be really exciting to watch..

These competitions are going to be bundled with top notch selection of educational sessions.  The TopCoder Software Symposium will feature a lineup of the most talented engineers in the business who will share their expertise with TopCoder members in attendance.

Mark your calendars and start planning and practicing now!

Check out the website for more details:

See ya at Vegas 😉


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  1. Anil Kishore on

    I’m surprised to see this post :O
    I thought that you will be very very very… busy with ur job work, and will not have timne to think about TopCoder, but 😉 ..
    Anyway.. we are having the worst time here, at DAIICT ,, 😦 Topcoder coding arena.. is completely blocked here.. many of us asked for reasons.. he(:x) said ,”TC uses P2P and we dont allow tunneling ” .. this is really bad..
    .. i’m very eager to code in an SRM.. after a loong time.. also we in 3rd year..
    something must be done .. :X ..
    any suggestions ???

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