New RSS Feed Mechanism

Hello Friends,

We have decided to gauge up how many people are linked to us using an RSS feed reader. So if you have a RSS subscription to this blog, please update your link to


as the old RSS feed will die in few days.


PS : Don’t be bothered by the count, as we have just added it and people are still using the old version of RSS feed which is not counted as yet.

18 comments so far

  1. Fr0z3n on

    Nice to see the old theme back. BTW I updated my RSS feedreader to the new feed but still feedburner is showing 1 readers.

  2. Fr0z3n on

    oh yeh and what about the feed of comments?

  3. Fr0z3n on

    For those who don’t know, wordpress has retired their feed stats so we cant see them now in our dashboard.

  4. himalaya ka maharaja on

    chutiapa strikes back.. again this 3 column theme.. whr u have to scroll 10 time just to read a small article..

  5. Ramnath R Iyer on

    How often are the Feedburner stats and image updated?

  6. jodhpuriguy on

    The three column theme is fine except that it looks horrible in 800×600. Anyone in for a paid hosting? that way it would be easier to change the theme 😀

  7. Ramnath R Iyer on

    Isn’t there a three-column layout that doesn’t have a horizontal top banner?

    @himalaya ka maharaja
    Surely, you’re not using a 640×480 screen? Time to upgrade….

  8. Fr0z3n on

    @himalaya ka maharaja
    And yeh time to buy a mouse with scroll wheel…

  9. himalaya ka maharaja on

    using 800*600 guys.. only middle 40% is showing txt.. how can it be use friendly..

  10. himalaya ka maharaja on

    *user friendly – im talking 40% wen in 3 columns format.. this new theme is much better..

  11. Fr0z3n on

    We need to change the links that the “fav this” icons points to the new feed links.

  12. DarK on

    I have updated the links, but few links are to the blog and not to the RSS feed.. do we need to change them ?
    Fr0z3n please check if all the links are correct now

    you might need these

  13. Fr0z3n on

    They seem correct now. Still waiting for this silly feedburner to increment it’s counter. The day it will show 2, DarK will give a party 😉

  14. DarK on

    looks like they update once every 24 hours.. which is frustating

  15. Fr0z3n on

    yeye party 😀

  16. himalaya ka maharaja on

    kaha aana hai ??
    bc’s this is not for u guys personal chatting :@:@

  17. jodhpuriguy on

    abe phir se 9 ho gaye?? 😦

  18. Fr0z3n on

    kya bak hai. kal to 14 the.. :@

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