Southpark – 1106

My Rating 1.5/5

Aired on Wednesday 11 April 2007

What you think of a comedy episode of southpark with jokes on Mexican people, movie 300 which also includes persians and slow motion effects like Matrix? Yeah this episode totally sucked and you can happily skip it if you have something else to do. This episode shows Mr/Miss Garrison (Or Mrs :S, a lil confused) coming in contact with a lesbian character and ending up in a bar named ‘Les Bos’. One fine day they come to know that a Persian company has bought the bar and is changing it into a normal bar, so the protest of Miss Garrison starts, showing all the events in style of movie 300. And yeah, Xerxes here is a female sex-changed-into male, so finally he is also invited in Les Bos which he promised not to take over.

7 comments so far

  1. Gaurav on

    This is a good idea u ppl have come up with, y dun u get a domain for this, before u start getting lot of traffic, I believe it’d be harder to shift domain in terms of traffic loss. (Ofcourse, if traffic generation is a priority)

  2. DarK on

    @ Gaurav : it’s ok, we can always put up a link here pointing to that domain, or we can put up a redirect script to the new domain, so that will save the trouble of loosing traffic

  3. Fr0z3n on

    Some slow motion effects like Matrix were really boring but otherwise i did like some part (e.g. the nuts-breaking kick :P).
    I would give it 2/5

  4. Simba on

    what is southpark??

  5. find me :@ on

    simba is retard ……………..lawl.

  6. Fr0z3n on

    @simba : Southpark is a cartoon series.

  7. sdk on

    lol simba

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