Improve your programming skills and win free t-shirts too!

Programming has always been my interest since I first learned to use computers in Class IV. But it was only after I joined my college, DA-IICT, for B.Tech, I started taking part in programming contests. I regret for starting so late, but as some say “It’s better late than never”.

I can undoubtedly say that taking part in programming contests have helped me achieve whatever little success I achieved. It not only helped me improving my programming skills but also helped in earning recognition in my college and outside. Not to forget the cool t-shirts, that I won, having big labels on them for showing off.

Well, for those, who want to have a go on these competitions and have no clue where to start, I will soon be posting info about various programming contests in my successive blogs. These includes-

  1. ACM
  2. Topcoder Open
  3. Topcoder Collegiate Programming Contest
  4. Google Code Jam
  5. Many others

I will also be posting info on how to practice and prepare for these contests and some of my experiences, till then check out the sites of these contests.

2 comments so far

  1. Anil Kishore on

    I didn’t get my T-shirt from TopCoder [:(] … last year …
    I won this year too…so waiting for it !!!
    We r a group of 4-5 students, joined TopCoder.. after attending the session taken my Kanishk and we r very happy
    about that… the real xperience when.. competing is very thrilling !!!

  2. Fr0z3n on

    Glad to know you are finiding it thrilling.

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